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Nant Angus

A unique investment opportunity that leverages Tasmania’s burgeoning agri-business sector and global demand for quality Australian Angus Beef.

Established in 1821 the Nant Estate in the central highlands of Tasmania is a historic Country Estate with a story spanning almost 200 years. It was the first settler Edward Nicholas that introduced the black Aberdeen Angus Cattle and barley production to the Nant Estate after he sailed into Hobart aboard his ship the ‘Grace’. Taking up the first Settlement in Bothwell in 1821 he named his property Nant.

As custodians of the land today, Nant continues to farm; growing barley to make its award winning Nant Single Malt Whisky and breeding Angus commercial cattle on its properties.

Cresser drew influence from this rich history and developed a hand illustrated logo, a premium brochure and responsive website to continue telling this great Australian farming story as Nant launch a new division of their empire to market.

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